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Ethical, Expert, Engaged.

We hold ourselves, our partners and our projects to high standards. With over 20 years of experience designing a diverse range of projects—from residential and academic spaces to public and private parks and therapeutic gardens - Sunday Landscape Architecture is eager to assist you from conceptual design through to the completion of construction.


From inception to completion, you will feel our enthusiasm and commitment. The combination of our experience, and the relationship we form with you, allows us to bring creative, artistic and innovative solutions to your design. We build a team atmosphere with partners across your project and believe that a collaborative attitude builds the best results.

Principal/ Landscape Architect

Sarah Sherman Picking, PLA

Award-winning Landscape Architect and owner of Sunday Landscape Architecture, Sarah graduated from the University of Maryland with her Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture in 2004. She discovered Landscape Architecture in a book in her high school library and from that moment, knew it was the perfect combination of her passions of science and art. A Virginia Beach native, Sarah is highly committed to her clients, forming lasting relationships through intent-listening and true personal investment. Sarah is especially interested in how intentionally designed outdoor environments can offer therapeutic effects for people with neurodivergencies and mental health challenges and endeavors for Sunday to be a vehicle for transformational gardens.

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