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Bespoke Landscape Architecture

Creating captivating landscapes that bring the beauty of nature

into everyday life in ways that are distinctive.

Using a collaborative process to transform public and private spaces

into enchanting environments to explore and enjoy.

Crafting landscapes that inspire and nurture.

We are a full service landscape architecture firm, engaging in work on a broad range of scales from cozy courtyards to sprawling botanic gardens.

Our partnerships between designer, owner and craftsperson result in immersive, tailored landscapes.

We specialize in bespoke design elements that make

your garden unlike any other.  

Our spaces are made for memories and milestones. 

Our Services

Bringing the wonders of nature to home gardens, venues, parks, school grounds, and therapeutic spaces.

We offer master planning, site design, and planting design. 


Residential Gardens

Crafting Personal Sanctuaries

Designing intimate retreats within residential properties.

Public Gardens

Enriching Botanical Experiences

Creating immersive botanical environments that foster a deep connection with the sense of place for visitors.


School Gardens

Educational and Inspiring

Designing outdoor learning spaces for schools, conceiving environments that engage and educate students about the wonders of nature and the importance of ecological stewardship.

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Therapeutic Gardens

Healing People through Nature

Sunday Service, a division of Sunday Landscape Architecture, is dedicated to therapeutic garden design. Designs that harness the power of nature to cultivate an intended mood, feeling, and connection to self, others, and nature through outdoor experiences.





Our process combines decades of experience and high standards with fun and playfulness.

The journey to your new landscape should be

as just as fabulous as the finished result.

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